Pollock’s POV: One-On-One With THE Bill O’Reilly

April 14, 2008

Today, John Pollock pulled in the guest of all guests: Bill O’Reilly. Quite the coup.

Much like he is in other sectors of society, O’Reilly is currently enjoying his status as MMA’s Public Enemy #1 for his coverage of the sport last week.

So, Pollock got the exclusive and really found out what O’Reilly thinks of the sport. A great piece of journalism highlighted by Mauro Ranallo’s excellent appearance at the end.

Pollock’s POV: One-On-One With THE Bill O’Reilly

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  1. 5 Responses to “Pollock’s POV: One-On-One With THE Bill O’Reilly”

  2. This clip is complete bullshit. Before you bash O’reilly, watch his show and understand that he stands up for the conservatives who are not given a voice in the media. I enjoy watching the UFC and mixed martial arts in general, but just because O’reilly has an opposing view on mixed martial arts doesn’t mean he should be degraded. Your clip comes from multiple different episodes. Bill did not say GSP could not come over and fight, the debate you took the clip from involved Bill and Rivera discussing open boarders between Mexico. This issue is a hot topic within America, and the clip suggests that Bill has a problem with people comming to America to work (fight) when in reality the issue stems from illigal immigrants comming to America taking advantage of our health-care and committing violent crimes such as rape and murder. Just as O’reilly stated on his show, crimes by illigal immigrants in America should not have occured in the first place because the illegals shouldn’t have been here. I enjoy watching the O’reilly factor and listening to the LAW every Sunday, but just because one person opposes my view doesn’t make them a bad guy. The creators of this clip was disrespectful to both O’reilly and America, inturn I have lost respect for you Mr. Pollock.

    By Michael Hawk on Apr 16, 2008

  3. What the he11 is wrong with you Pollock? Every time you open your mouth about a conservative or even America for that matter you become as predictable as Hulk Hogan’s move set!

    Liberalism is indeed a mental disorder (a wise man once said). It reveals itself in all of the disingenuous ways you slice and dice this blowhard Bill O’Reilly’s segments in order to make them say what you want them to. You are no better than that socialist pig Keith Olbermann, and even more transparent!

    By Karl Marx on Apr 16, 2008

  4. Dude. It was designed to be entertaining. Anyone who watched the segement would already know that its spliced to make a point. That Bill O’Reilly has not done his research on this point. And in my opinion anyone on a national broadcast medium such as Television should know what the hell they’re talking about before they open their mouths.

    That goes for liberals and conservatives both.

    By Matt on Apr 16, 2008

  5. Yeah! What Matt said don’t be a foo,foo.

    By Sloppy Jalopy on Apr 17, 2008

  6. Ignorance is bliss! Do the research if you are going to comment on a topic.

    By Marty Goldman on Apr 17, 2008

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