Talkin’ Sylvia-Fedor, RAW and Mike Knox’s (Alleged) Blunder

As I mentioned earlier, I was a guest on Fight Network Radio yesterday afternoon. Host Mauro Ranallo and I spoke about some interesting MMA and wrestling topics including:

* The rumored Fedor Emelianenko vs. Tim Sylvia bout

* The post-Wrestlemania WWE landscape

* The HBK-Batista storyline

* The story involving steroids being found in the former home of WWE wrestlers 

(By the way, the above photo of Kelly Kelly has nothing to do with any of these issues but she was Knox’s “girlfriend” for a while on ECW so I thought it would be a propos and more interesting than a photo of Mr. Ole Anderson Jr. What a weird pairing that was. Sort of like Lita with Essa Rios way back when.)

Ariel Helwani – 04/08/08

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2 thoughts on “Talkin’ Sylvia-Fedor, RAW and Mike Knox’s (Alleged) Blunder”

  1. Seriously, who gives an F about Mike Knox. The guy is an absolute nobody and a pretty crappy wrestler. You’re right, he’s an idiot. Good riddance.

  2. the word steroids is selling like hotcakes.

    a jockey can be involved in a steroids scandal and it’ll make the front page.

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