Catching Up On Some MMA Storylines

Sam Caplan discusses YAMMA, ShoXC, Fedor’s Future and More

yamma.pngMMARated Radio featured an interview with one of the best writers on the MMA beat, Sam Caplan of and Caplan and I discussed a whole host of MMA topics ranging from YAMMA Pit Fighting’s debut show this weekend to Fedor’s future:

* Is there any reason to watch YAMMA?

* What is YAMMA’s plan for the future?

* Was the Suganuma-Hamman ShoXC fight stopped too soon?

* Marveling at the beauty that was Baszler-Tamai

* Elite XC’s identity crisis

* What does the IFL need to do to get noticed?

* Will they survive 2008?

* Where will Fedor fight next?

* Is there any chance of him ever signing with the UFC?


2 thoughts on “ Catching Up On Some MMA Storylines”

  1. I’m going with three.

    I agree with Sam. The legends concept COULD work but not with these jokers.

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