Chris Horodecki V. 2.0

The IFL’s lightweight star looks to get back to his winning ways tonight

The mark of a true fighter (and champion for that matter) is how they respond to adversity. All’s well when the wins are piling up but once that fighter suffers his first devastating loss just how will he respond? That’s the question that looms over the Chris Horodecki-Nate Lamotte fight on tonight’s IFL card. With all due respect to Lamotte, this one’s all about the Canadian kid.

We all thought it would be a foregone conclusion that Horodecki would be crowned the IFL lightweight champion following his bout against Ryan Schultz in the IFL World Grand Prix Finals, however, in one of the biggest upsets of the year, Schultz shocked the MMA world when he defeated Horodecki in the first round. So, it’s back to the drawing board for the Team Tompkins member. Tonight we found out what he is truly made of.

MMA Rated Radio spoke to Chris about a bunch of topics:

* Is he over the loss to Schultz

* What went wrong?

* Has he studied the tape?

* How he dealt with the first professional loss of his young career

* What he will look to do differently in this fight

* His thoughts on Nate Lamotte

* His contract situation with the IFL

* Is he interested in ever fighting for another promotion?


4 thoughts on “ Chris Horodecki V. 2.0”

  1. i dont think he is that great, he is one of the best fighters in the ifl, but not in his weight class in mma.

    i’d like to see him square with some more familiar faces.

    if he wasnt in the ifl, would we really know his name?

  2. Sadly, we will only find out how truly good he is until he fights outside the IFL. I will concede that his last two performances have been very underwhelming.

  3. It is already very good that chris is so strong bacuse he is one of the youngest IFL
    fighter. to me he is the best…

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