From The Skating Ramp To The Cage

Mike Budnik talks about the transition from inline skating to fighting

Never heard of Mike Budnik? Well, obviously you aren’t a fan of inline skating and don’t have an eye for up-and-coming MMA talent. The former pro skater and X games veteran recently made the jump to MMA and, boy, was that a good decision as he is currently 6-0 and on the verge of debuting for a major promotion. If you’re curious to know where he will be fighting next just check out our exclusive interview with him.

Some of the topics we discussed were:
* Why he chose to make the switch to MMA

* Comparing inline skating to MMA

* How nervous he was during his first fight

* Starting over in a new sport

* His amazing knockout of Kenny Giddens

* Fighting on a live HDNet Fights telecast

* Which MAJOR promotion has he just signed with

* Which fighter he would like to face next

Check out the interview at

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