Pollock’s POV: Down With The Score & Down With PVRs

Another week, another pissed off John Pollock. And, once again, he has every right to be.

Much like most 18-to 34-year-old males (including myself), John wasn’t home to catch the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony on Saturday night. He relied on his trusty PVR to tape the show but, just like I did,  he missed out on the telecast due to the UNC-Louisville NCAA tournament game running a little long. That coupled with The Score’s (the network that televises all WWE programming in Canada) head-scratching decision to air a repeat episode of Smackdown following the game AND THEN the HOF Ceremony made for a lot of angry Canadian wrestling fans come Sunday morning. Once again, I was reminded why I love American cable that much more than Canadian (I am currently in Montreal so I couldn’t watch it on the USA Network).

Anyhow, take a listen as John recounts his pain-staking attempt to watch quality wrestling programming.

Pollock’s POV – 03/31/08

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