Memories From The Park: When WCW Officially Took The Plunge

We all heard the news that Vince McMahon purchased WCW one fateful Friday in March of 2001 but it was on this date seven years ago that it was all set it stone. The final episode of WCW Nitro aired on TNT and when the telecast opened with Mr. McMahon announcing that he “held the fate of WCW in his hands” the wrestling world officially turned upside down.

March 26, 2001 will probably go down as the most memorable night in wrestling history if only because it was (and probably will ever be) the only time two shows were simulcast on two different networks. Of course, we all remember Shane McMahon announcing he was taking over WCdubya at the end of Nitro and while it all sounded like a great idea at first, sadly, things didn’t really materialize as hoped.

It was a strange night in Panama City in which some wrestlers knew this would be their last moment in the sun while others would move on to bigger and better. And, wouldn’t you know it, Ric Flair delivered a most memorable promo before what was thought to be his final match ever. Of course, we’re now four days away from his latest retirement match and the Nature Boy is still chugging along.

6 thoughts on “Memories From The Park: When WCW Officially Took The Plunge”

  1. Great call w/ the final WCW show. It is crazy that it happened 7 years ago!

    Anyway, how about some more trivia to go along with the demise of WCW. Prior to the actual collapse and purchase of WCW by WWF, who was a part of the group that “Invaded” the WWF as defectors from WCW?

    Also, great clip of Flair calling out Sting as his greatest opponent. What are your thoughts on the reasoning behind Sting never making the WWF jump?

  2. Are you referring to The Radicals? Guerrero, Malenko, Saturn and Benoit?

    I think Sting never made the jump for several reasons. A) he claims he wasn’t comfortable with WWF/E’s storylines but that doesn’t make much sense because WCW and TNA have been just as bad and b) I believe he enjoys the fact that he is the only big-name star of the last 20 years to never wrestle for Vince. Financially it may not have been the best decision but it’s still pretty remarkable…

  3. best WCW/WWF moment came when DX went to Nitro in Charlotte ( I think it was near there) and couldnt get in…great drama

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