Something Tells Me Josh Burkman Has A Certain Way With The Ladies

l_3ea46789b2b6d0a41a68a4cf618b5530.jpgApparently when you interview models on the world of combat sports other models want in on the action. I kid you not. Exhibit A: the wonderful Cilicia Teal. She saw our interview with Ashley Mull and just sent us in her take on the exact same questions along with some, um, interesting photos. Her go-getness intrigued us so I am thinking she may be our first model audio interviewee but, for now, her take on the fight game…

AH: Are you a lover or a fighter?
CT: I’m both but if I had to pick just one, I’d say I’m more of a fighter. Not that I go around beating people up or anything. I’m just pretty feisty.

AH: Would you ever date a fighter?
CT: For Sure. Their bodies rock and you would feel so protected.

AH: Which sport intrigues you the most: boxing, mixed-martial-arts or wrestling?
CT: MMA. I think there’s a greater skill in learning and using multiple forms of fighting and it’s better to watch.

AH: Who is your favorite professional fighter?
CT: The Iceman and my good friend The People’s Warrior (Josh Burkman).

AH: Have you ever been to a live fight? If so, tell me about your experience.
CT: I went to the Belfort/Ortiz fight. Fortunately, I had great tickets and was sitting in the front row. It was without a doubt one of the best experiences EVER! I also went to a Couture/Liddell fight. Not as good of seats, but a much better fight.

AH: What do you think of female fighters?
CT: More power to them… A fellow model, Tasha Marzolla, is a K1 fighter…. I have much respect for her.

AH: Would you ever consider stepping into the octagon or ring?
CT: Not to fight, just to chit chat and congratulate the fighters.

She seems pretty knowledgeable – don’t you guys agree? Could make for a fun interview.

Anyhow, more photos from Cilicia after the jump including a special shot with Rico Suave Burkman.


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  1. damn son I’d take her over Arianny any day.

    I like these chicks…get some video of them up.

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