Around The World Of Boxing With Large

A look back at an exciting few weeks in boxing

Been out of the boxing loop lately? Don’t fear because Large and I seemingly covered it all this week.

First, we talked a little Mayweather-WWE. Large watched this week’s episode of RAW so I was curious as to what he thought about the product considering this was the first time he watched wrestling in something like ten years.

We then transitioned into Pacquiao-Marquez II and whether they should fight for a third time. Large brought up some minor controversy brewing following the affair as well.

Later, we spoke about David Haye’s entrance into the Heavyweight division, Andy Lee on Friday Night Fights, Ricky Hatton’s future, Casamayor-Katsidis, Cotto-Gomez and, finally, a little Hopkins-Calzaghe.

Consider this the cliff notes version of the last few weeks in boxing.

Large – 03/21/08

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