The Shamrock-Le Hype Continues


Elite XC and Strikeforce held a conference call today to hype their loaded 3/29 card headlined by Frank Shamrock vs. Cung Le. Jake Shields, Drew Fickett and Gary Shaw were also available.

Below is the audio from the call. My two favorite parts were when Gary Shaw said that Ken Shamrock had “some sort stomach ailment” prior to the Buzz Berry fight and that the former “world’s most dangerous man” personally told Shaw he still wants a piece of Frank.

See promoter. See promoter trying to salvage what was once a big money fight.

Later, he said that “Frank Shamrock is hand-down, bar-none the best fighter in the world.” He also said that if Cung beats Frank then Le should be hailed as the best fighter in the world. This was in response to a question as to whether Shamrock believed Anderson Silva was the pound-for-pound best fighter in the world.

Ummm…come again?

Listen, I get trying to build up your fighters. But I don’t understand making completely outlandish comments like Frank Shamrock is the best fighter in the world. We don’t believe it, you don’t believe it so why not just say he is a legend, a pioneer and all that good stuff?

As far as conference calls go I would give this one a six and that had nothing to do with Frank Shamrock doing his usual hard-sell job. Isn’t it funny how Shamrock tries to disrespect and insult Le every chance he gets yet Le continues to ignore him and never respond? I never really had any strong feelings about Cung Le prior to this bout but his ability to stiff arm Frank despite all his fabricated promotional tactics is quite fun to watch (or listen).

Elite XC/Strikeforce Conference Call – 03/18/08

Note: Shaw also mentioned that we should expect a press release tomorrow where a bunch of the fights for the first Elite XC on CBS card will be officially announced as well as the announce team.

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