Jarry Park’s Top 24 Wrestlemania Moments

Just over two weeks away from the big one. If you’re joining us in progress, click here for moments #24-21, here for #20-17 and here for #16-13.


#12: Honor Thy Wife
Wrestlemania VIII – Hoosier Dome, Indianapolis, IN
April 5, 1992

The Match: Randy “Macho Man” Savage vs. Ric Flair (c)

The Moment: For months leading up to this match, Flair had teased Savage that his woman, the lovely Miss Elizabeth, had been “with him” before she was ever with the Macho Man. Flair’s constant threats of exposing nude photos of Elizabeth following their match drove Savage nuts. So when these two legends squared off in front of over 60,000 fans there was much more than a title at stake. In the end, Savage captured the WWE title and shut the Nature Boy up… for the moment. (I may be wrong but I believe this match also marked Shane O’Mac’s WWF television debut. Try and find him).


#11: The Mega Powers Explode
Wrestlemania V – Trump Plaza, Atlantic City, NJ
April 02, 1989

The Match: Hulk Hogan vs. Randy “Macho Man” Savage (c)

The Moment: I think I’ll let the Hulkster and the Madness set this one up:

Hogan gets the nod for the better promo and also wins the match. Reminding everyone to NEVER mess with the Red and Yellow. Brother.


#10: Hell Freezes Over
Wrestlemania X-7 – Astrodome, Houston, TX
April 1, 2001

The Match: Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. The Rock (c)

The Moment: In the late 1990s, no WWF superstar was more popular than Stone Cold Steve Austin. Part of his popularity stemmed from the fact that he was never shy to tell, or show, his boss, the evil Mr. McMahon, how he truly felt about him. I mean, who wouldn’t want to flip off their boss? So when McMahon decided to interfere in the main event of Wrestlemania X-7 everyone was pretty sure as to whom he would be helping out. The Rock, right? Think again…


#9: Sibling Rivalry
Wrestlemania X – Madison Square Garden, New York, NY
March 24, 1990

The Match: Owen Hart vs. Bret Hart

The Moment: Bret Hart actually wrestled twice at WM X (he defeated Yokozuna to capture the WWF title) but it’s his match against his late brother Owen that everyone will remember. The build to this epic encounter was unforgettable and by the time the reluctant brother, Bret, stepped into the ring with his jealous brother, Owen, no one knew what to expect. In the end, Owen came out on top but I can’t help but feel a little sad when I think back on this match that featured two men who had their careers cut way too short.

6 thoughts on “Jarry Park’s Top 24 Wrestlemania Moments”

  1. I dont know if Owen and Bret was that big of a match. It wasnt even the biggest Hitman fight of the night. Owen peering out of the curtain later on that night was a weak way to promote a mid-carder for life…

    Mega Powers Collide was bigger then that because at the time it was two of the biggest names in the industry, not just 2 guys with the same last name…not to mention the cover to the Video is Hulk and Macho looking like they are going to have an arm wrestling match…

  2. The Rock was a great wrestler in every sense of the word. He had the best body, mic skills, and wrestling skills.

  3. Rocky originally having those colour tassles was hysterical. That tumultuous Monday Night Raw where he joined The Nation of Domination was one of the best….

  4. I think Bret’s career ended on that fateful night in Montreal. He never did much in WCW and didn’t really have any great matches like he did in the WWF. Not to mention his bout with Goldberg ended his career.
    Thanks Bill Goldberg.

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