Mornin’ Muesli: Hayemaker, Shamrock, Peter, Diaz…

003-img_0020.jpgA few thoughts from, once again, a great night of fighting. This time, though, boxing gets the unanimous victory over MMA…

1. Just in case you weren’t convinced, David Haye has finally arrived…and now he hopes to arrive in the heavyweight division. I had a feeling this fight wouldn’t go the full twelve but I surely didn’t expect a second round stoppage. Maccarinelli did seem to take a couple more shots than needed at the end but a brilliant performance by the Hayemaker.

2. Highlight of the night part I: Haye’s post-fight interview. Amazing promo. I loved that he called out Klitschko and the rest of the “Heavyweight bums” (his words not mine). This man has “it.” He talked in third person, called out everyone and even plugged Cage Rage!

3. Highlight of the night part II: Tom Watson’s knockout of Pierre Guillet via up-kick at Cage Rage 25. I guess that kick was the perfect kryptonite to neutralize the superman punch. (I actually wrote that line before Mauro used it in the Grove-Broughton fight so I guess great Canadian minds do think alike).

4. Hightlight of the night part II: Oleg Maskaev walking into the ring wearing a sombrero.

5. I thought it was a huge mistake to have Ken Shamrock fight before a potential bout against Frank Shamrock and/or Kimbo Slice and I sincerely hope that last night was his final appearance in a cage or ring. In other words, I have absolutely no interest in seeing him fight Kimbo on CBS or anywhere else for that matter. If 2007 taught us one thing it’s that if there’s a money fight to be made…MAKE IT. This sport is way too unpredictable to have tune-up fights before the big money ones.

6. Looks like we’re getting Klitschko-Peter next however it seems unclear as to which Klitschko that fight will be against. Here’s hoping it’s Wladi. Peter made strongest case to get a rematch against Wladi and no one can argue that it’s the most intriguing Heavyweight fight out there.

7. Hey MMA broadcasters, want to know how to get a fighter over? Watch last night’s profile on Juan Diaz. What a breathe of fresh air. I am so sick of all these black-backdrop pre-fight packages where two fighters talk about how this is their destiny and blah blah blah. Sure, the formula worked for the UFC but it’s time to think outside the box a little. Unfortunately, the fighter has to win for all that to matter.

8. That was one ginormous ring in Cancun.

9. One note from Friday night’s Ring of Combat event: What’s up with Krzysztof Soszynski and all his fights ending in controversy? Here’s what he wrote to me after the bout:

“How did you like the 6 nut shots? I was not a big fan. I thought at 1 point I was going to throw up my right nut.”

A little too much info but I feel your pain Krzysztof.

6 thoughts on “Mornin’ Muesli: Hayemaker, Shamrock, Peter, Diaz…”

  1. Man I can’t believe Diaz lost. I really thought he was going to be a big mainstream fighter in the near future.

    David Haye is one bad dude. Can’t wait to see what he does at HW.
    I’m really digging these euro guys fighting and can’t wait for the Froch/Inkin fight in about 3 weeks.

    Another solid card from Cage Rage. Pro Elite was smart in adding them under the banner. Ken Shamrock should not have fought that fight it was a high risk with an extremely low reward. Kimbo/Shamrock would’ve been EXC’s flagship fight for CBS and now its tarnished.

  2. Frickin Shamrock. What a disgrace. He even looked like he was juicing.

    Personally, I thought the Cage Rage show sucked. Very minor league. Definitely a better day for the sweet science.

  3. The Diaz loss was certainly shocking. What a great fight though, eh? Not quite Marquez-Vazquez but definitely 12 rounds of extreme action.

    I think a rematch would elevate both men much like it did for Marquez and Vazquez.

    I know many will disagree with me but I would like to see Peter and Wladi Klitschko fight then Haye gets winner. That division desperately needs him to become champion.

    I kind of agree with Bam Bam with regards to Cage Rage. The show just didn’t do it for me. Imanari-Silva was very enjoyable while it lasted but other than that nothing too memorable.

  4. I was missing the yellow mat for cage rage.

    who can Haye fight as a HW tune up before he faces Wlad or Peter?

  5. It’s a good question. Screw the buildup, I would serve him up someone like Ibragimov then Klitschko. Why the heck not? But we all know that isn’t happening.

    Only one way to find out and I put in a request to interview him so hopefully we’ll find out from the man himself.

  6. Nice. Ibragimov would be a great test at HW. A guy with a good chin and HW experience. I think if Haye could dispose of Ibragimov in the style everyone thought Klitschko should have. It would raise Haye’s stock and provide a storyline to build for a potential battle with Klitschko.

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