Money May Has A Lot Of Money

You need to stop what your doing right now and check out the video below, courtesy of It’s mesmerizing.

The basic gist is it’s a clip of Floyd Mayweather showing us that he has a million dollars in his bedroom. All he is really doing is counting it but for some reason I have watched it three times in a row.

I still can’t figure out if this makes Floyd a heel or a face though. Should I hate the fact that he will make more in one night than I have made in the last three years (fine maybe four)? Or should I love him for not believing in the concept of banks?

Regardless, it’s still a highly entertaining two minutes and the only footage WWE has aired that has sort of resembled the brilliance that is HBO Sports’ 24/7.


5 thoughts on “Money May Has A Lot Of Money”

  1. Makes you wonder why no one has ever tried to jack him. I know he must have a tremendous amount of bodyguards but I’m not sure I would want to flaunt that I have THAT MUCH money just chilling in my house.

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