Mornin’ Muesli: ROH, Dima, Yahoo…

February 22, 2008

* I love this quote from Dan Rafael’s ESPN boxing blog: “If Mayweather is cool with fighting a mountain of a man like Show, why does he keep running from a man his own size, Miguel Cotto.” Um, I dunno, maybe because he doesn’t actually have to fight Show?

* Why do the Boxing Writers Association of America announce their fighter of the year two months too late?

* Sadly, it looks like DLH-Steve Forbes is signed and sealed for the first weekend in May. That sucks. Nothing against Forbes, I was just hoping Brooklyn’s own Dmitriy Salita would finally get a shot to shine on the national stage.

* is really establishing itself as player a major player in the MMA world not to mention the entire sports world. When it comes to sports news, I check them out right after Deadspin. Sorry, ESPN. That said, I do think it’s a mistake to charge the same amount as if you were ordering the PPV through your television. I bet if they made it cheaper they would end up making more money.

* I guess the fact that 522,00 viewers tuned in to watch Kimbo vs. Tank (the most for an MMA event on Showtime) should shut the Kimbo haters up for ohhhhh eight hours or so.

* Happy birthday to Ring of Honor. It feels like just yesterday when the owner of the company was…oh forget it.

* Solid showing by TNA last night in NYC but, again, weird venue for wrestling. The ring was on some kind of makeshift stage and there were no seats – standing only. Final tally: No run-ins, no DQ finishes, one ref bump and Tommy Dreamer sighting.

* My heart goes out to the family of 20-year-old Rene Ayangma. What a horrible story.

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  2. Wow.. 552,000? Kimbo is easily the biggest draw in EXC now I would imagine. All my friends who aren’t fight fans and even random co-workers asked me if I watched the fight this weekend (I thought they meant Pavlik/Taylor).
    Thinking about it now Shaw and EXC have no reason to give Kimbo any real serious competition for a solid year. Just feed him cans with quick KO’s and the people will follow.
    Kimbo is worth his weight in gold to Gary Shaw.

    By Matt on Feb 22, 2008

  3. At this point, no one can really say anything negative about Kimbo’s impact on the sport. Unless they hate the fact that some Internet street-fighter can potentially draw more than other established stars but that’s a different kind of argument.

    Forget about EXC, I would definitely argue that Kimbo is one of the top 5 biggest draws in the North American MMA scene. Yeah, I said top 5.

    The list could look something like this:
    1. Couture
    2. Liddell
    3. Lesnar
    4. Ortiz
    5. Kimbo

    I guess you could switch Tito for GSP or Hughes but no way you could deny Kimbo’s impact on the sport.

    By AH on Feb 22, 2008

  4. Wow thats a statement. I wouldn’t say top 5 but top 10 I think is a legitimate statement.

    I think Brock is a bigger draw than Kimbo. Brock made the worldwide leader in sports nighty telecast.

    I think this is a possible future article about who you view as the top 10 draws in N.A. MMA are.

    By Matt on Feb 22, 2008

  5. I like the way you think, Matt.

    Lesnar is definitely a bigger draw than Kimbo right now but that might not last long. Let’s say Kimbo would now sign with the UFC. Could you imagine how much hype would surround his debut? It might not beat Lesnar’s debut (approx. 600,000 buys) since he hasn’t been in the public eye as much as Lesnar but in a year I think he could draw more.

    By AH on Feb 22, 2008

  6. 1. chuck
    2. randy
    3. rampage
    4. hughes
    5. hmmm GSP I guess

    By Kruger on Feb 23, 2008

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