Jarry Park’s Top 24 WrestleMania Moments

February 22, 2008

As some of you might know, I used to write on a more consistent basis for another great website entitled No Mas. Some guy from there always bangs on the Jarry Park headquarters’ door whenever a big boxing match is coming up.

Anyhow, last year around this time, I ran the “No Mas Top 23 Wrestlemania Moments.” Well, we’re now on the road to WM 24 so I thought I would update it and make it the “Jarry Park Top 24 Wrestlemania Moments.” Every week we’ll count down all the great memories leading up to the grandaddy of ’em all on 3/30. Feel free to throw in your two cents along the way. Today we look at #24 to #21:


#24: It’s Not A Toupee
Wrestlemania 23
Ford Field, Detroit, MI
April 1, 2007

The Match: Bobby Lashley (w/Donald Trump) vs. Umaga (w/Vince McMahon) in a hair vs. hair match

The Moment: I already mentioned that I didn’t love this angle but one can not deny the fact that it was solely responsible for WM 23 being the highest grossing live event in WWE history ($5.38 million). And, despite not being enthused by its build up, the sight of Donald Trump shaving Vince McMahon’s head will forever live as one of the most absurd moments in wrestling history.


#23: Bad News for the Hitman
Wrestlemania IV
Trump Plaza, Atlantic City, NJ
March 27, 1988

The Match: 20-man over-the-top rope battle royal

The Moment: This was the opening match of WM IV. The final two men left standing were a young Bret “The Hitman” Hart and Bad News Brown. Hart and Brown seemed to have agreed to share the win, that is until Brown double-crossed the Hitman and kicked him in the back of the head and over the ropes. Why the hell did Hart trust him? I mean, look at the guy. While not the greatest moment of Hart’s career it was on this night that he truly started his babyface turn.


#22: Tables and Ladders and Chairs, OH MY!
Wrestlemania X7
Astrodome, Houston, TX
April 1, 2001

The Match: Edge & Christian vs. The Hardy Boyz vs. The Dudleys in a TLC match for the World Tag Team Championship

The Moment: This was a rematch of their classic Summerslam 2000 match. However, as good as that match was this one was even better. I dare you to watch this match and tell me that wrestling is “fake.”


#21: Gridiron vs. Squared Circle
Wrestlemania 2
Nassau Coliseum/Rosemont Horizon/The Sports Arena
April 2, 1986

The Match: WWF vs. NFL stars battle royal

The Moment: Vince McMahon pulled out all the stops to insure Wrestlemania would not be a one-trick-pony. Not only did he hold this event in three different arenas across the country he held the first-ever WWF vs. NFL battle royal. Check out some of the participants: Andre the Giant, Jimbo Covert (Chicago Bears), Pedro Morales, Tony Atlas, Ted Arcidi, Harvey Martin (Dallas Cowboys), Dan Spivey, Hillbilly Jim, King Tonga, Iron Sheik, Ernie Holmes (Pittsburgh Steelers), Big John Studd, B. Brian Blair, Jumpin’ Jim Brunzell, Bill Fralic (Atlanta Falcons), Bret “Hit Man” Hart, Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart, Russ Francis (San Francisco 49ers), Bruno Sammartino and William “Refrigerator” Perry (Chicago Bears).

While the incomparable Andre “The Giant” was the last man standing, The Fridge was definitely the star of the match. His performance even got him elected to the WWE Hall of Fame last year.

  1. 9 Responses to “Jarry Park’s Top 24 WrestleMania Moments”

  2. Nice…this should be interesting

    By EZ-E on Feb 22, 2008

  3. HBK vs. Hitman iron man better be number or else the hell is to pay

    By Kruger on Feb 22, 2008

  4. TLC match. wow. heyman is great. my favorite moment was the spear from edge. those were some of my favorite years of wrestling. i am not sure exactly what changed??? I think it might be the extra E. Anyhow, looking forward to the rest of the WM moments. Rock v Hogan has to be up there.

    By Domingo on Feb 23, 2008

  5. Isn’t it amazing when watching that clip how good Heyman was on the mic?

    I thought he was tremendously underrated when he replaced Lawler.

    Here’s hoping he returns to the world of combat sooner rather than later. The Heyman Hustle just aint gonna cut it.

    By AH on Feb 23, 2008

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