Here Comes The Money

February 21, 2008

Four days later and I’m still jacked up over the Mayweather-Show Wrestlemania angle. It partially has something to do with the thought of my combat sports worlds colliding but I think more about the lost art of surprises in wrestling. That said, I will never forget the night Money May broke Big Show’s nose in a WWE ring (that and Leonard Ellerbe tripping over the guard rail).

Anyhow, you’ve all heard my opinion on the greatest angle of the last decade so I wanted to invite the producer of Live Audio Wrestling and Fight Network Radio, “The Prodigy” John Pollock, to share his views on this money-making angle as well as some of the key matches on the Wrestlemania 24 card.

We also spoke about:

* His initial reaction to the angle

* How he would book it from this point forward

* Did Mayweather really break Big Show’s nose?

* Should WWE try and turn Mayweather heel?

* Who deserves to win more: Edge or Undertaker?

* HHH’s involvement in the WWE title match

* Why is HBK wrestling Ric Flair at WM 24 and should Hulk Hogan replace him?

All that and much more more so take a listen.

John Pollock – 02/21/08

  1. 9 Responses to “Here Comes The Money”

  2. Nice 4.0 rating for Mayweather. I guess Money May is really Money in the bank.

    By Kruger on Feb 21, 2008

  3. Glad to hear some wrestling talk!

    By Jason on Feb 21, 2008

  4. Hope you enjoyed it, Jason.

    What’s up with your boy Y2J?? Seems to be lost in the shuffle especially now that JBL appears to be linked with the whole McMahon-Finlay-Hornswoggle storyline.

    By AH on Feb 22, 2008

  5. I did indeed! If you and John Pollock ever did a show with both of you in studio I’d be so confused. You guys sound really similar but I never noticed it until hearing this. I thought John was doing the intro!

    Funny that Jericho was such a big deal two months ago and this week he didn’t even get on the show.

    I’m kind of glad that it seems like the JBL feud is over. It didn’t do much for me. I’m guessing he’ll end up in the Money In The Bank match but I have no idea after that. Hopefully with someone more athletic than JBL.

    He’d better not “save” Hornswoggle from Vince and JBL. Although a Jericho/Finlay team would be pretty wicked.

    By Jason on Feb 22, 2008

  6. Hmmm…John and I sound alike? I don’t really hear it but definitely take that as a compliment. A Montrealer confused with a Torontonian? Gasp!

    Yeah, unless something big happens this week, I’m guessing Y2J is headed to the MITB match. Kind of underwhelming, right?

    By AH on Feb 22, 2008

  7. Eh, maybe it’s just me. It’d been a while since I’d heard your voice as I don’t listen to the MMA and boxing shows (no offence, I’m just not into that stuff), and I’d just heard John the other day so his voice was fresh in my mind. I dunno!

    It really is. I try not to get down about him being under-used like I used to, as he’s said before that it doesn’t bother him, but it’s tough. He says that he came back to have fun and because he missed the business and doesn’t care about where he is on the card. I figure if that’s his attitude about it, I shouldn’t get get worked up over it either. It’s difficult, though!

    By Jason on Feb 23, 2008

  8. This entire PBF on WWE/Wrestlemania is a joke. I can’t believe people are excited about this. The only reason I am interested in this circus act/side show is because I am hoping Floyd does get hurt by accident. LMAO! You people believe that Floyd broke Big Show’s nose. A boxer does not know how to measure or pull his punches? LMAO. This wont be as huge as you people think it will. Floyd is not a major attraction. He is no De La Hoya and he is no Ricky Hatton. REAL boxing fans are not going to pay for this fake @ss fight. Anyone who pays for this, is nothing more than a fanboy and Floyd does not have that many fans.

    By Danny G on Mar 11, 2008

  9. big show would have won but mayweather had a chair 4 big guys

    By big shows bigest fun steve vandiver on May 1, 2008

  10. undertaker has won anh i am glad edge sucks

    By steve vandiver on May 1, 2008

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