Comparing Mayweather-Show To Austin-Tyson

February 18, 2008

I’m still not over the site of Floyd Mayweather in a WWE ring. Honestly, I had a hard time sleeping last night just thinking of it. I haven’t been this excited for a celeb-wrestling angle since Pacman Jones joined TNA! Just kidding. No, I haven’t been this amped since Mike Tyson appeared on RAW in January 1998. That angle ranks as one of the best ever in my books.

So, I got to thinking: If Money May will actually be involved in WM 24, can this angle trump Tyson-Austin from ten years ago? I most certainly think so.

First off, let’s remember why Tyson-Austin was so great:

1. It came during one of the hottest eras in WWF/E history. The Attitude era.

2. It involved the biggest stars in the company (Austin and Vince McMahon) and later the hottest faction in the promotion (DX).

3. It seemed very “real.” I never got that feeling from the Trump-McMahon angle or even the KFed one.

Now here’s why Mayweather-Show (if executed correctly) will be better:

1. Mayweather is currently the best pound-for-pound boxer in the world. Tyson was way past his prime.

2. Mayweather is a MUCH better talker than Tyson. I always held my breathe whenever the cameras were on Iron Mike because it seemed as though he was very lost out there.

3. It looks like Mayweather will be competing. Obviously, Tyson didn’t.

4. During his hiatus from wrestling, Big Show had been training to become a pro boxer. So, if they do have a boxing match at ‘Mania he will definitely be able to make it look as real as possible (I highly doubt that match would be a shoot. I just can’t see Show dropping to 154 lbs).

Obviously, all this hinges on the fact that Mayweather has actually signed on to compete at Mania. Part of me feels this is the last we will see of him on WWE programming but I am ignoring that voice right now. I guess we’ll know for sure later tonight. I can’t wait.

(By the way, you’re probably wondering why I’m posting more than I have in the past. This is all part of the new look More later…)

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  2. They should have picked his tiny ass up and dropped him on his head! I’d actually pay to see that.

    By steve24 on Feb 18, 2008

  3. No they pulled it off perfectly. They have to make the audience believe that this little guy can beat Big Show (even though he really can).

    By AH on Feb 18, 2008

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