Breaking Down ‘Breaking Point’

The very talented and knowledgeable John Chandler of stopped by The Park to break down the UFC 81 card. Some of the topics we discussed included:

* Why this is the most expensive PPV in UFC history

* The reasons behind the price increase

* The marketing buzz surrounding Brock Lesnar’s debut

* The underappreciated Tim Sylvia

* Minotauro’s UFC destiny

* The return of Jeremy Horn

* Tyson Griffin’s rise up the Lightweight rankings

We also spoke about the rest of the card and what to expect from some of the key fighters in the future. Take a listen.

John Chandler Previews UFC 81 – 02/01/08

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4 Responses to “Breaking Down ‘Breaking Point’”

  1. Matt says:

    I’m pretty stoked for UFC 81.
    The UFC really stepped it up on their Countdown show and its getting more in the direction of 24/7 than an ESPN Ultimate Highlist reel with some interviews thrown in.

    I don’t get why everyone is giving Mir a shot. He hasn’t looked good since 04 and has only looked semi decent against Antoni Hardonk. Everyone thinks Mir’s Jits will nullify Brock on the ground. But I think if Mir is even lucky enough to throw any sub attempts off his back expect him to get Arona/Rampaged into la la land.

    I hope the Big Tim/Big Nog fight is competitive in the essence that Big Tim doesn’t get on his bicycle and jabs his way to a decision.

    I also wish the UFC would’ve dropped the Almeida fight off the televised card for something more exciting considering Alan Belcher dropped off the fight.

    either way. should be a good weekend. Super Bowl + UFC 81 = more fun than a regular weekend.

  2. Actually, I think Mir has pretty good shot. Ultimately, I predict a Lesnar victory in round 1 but Mir is no Min Soo Kim and you have to respect what he accomplished in the past.

    I think John is right – no chance the Almeida fight makes it live on PPV even though it’s interesting given the fact the Almeida hasn’t fought since ‘02. I bet Eastman-Martin or Bradley-Lytle replaces it.

  3. Hey Ariel – Just wanted to thank you again and let you know that I had a blast doing this.

  4. Thanks for doing it and I’m sure we’ll be speaking soon. Glad you were finally able to come to The Park. Feel free to stay a bit and look around.

    (Good job figuring out how to get the player on your site too.)

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