Steve Mazzagatti Continues To Lay Down The Law

Referee Steve Mazzagatti (left) is quickly becoming one of the most recognizable faces in mixed martial arts. He’s worked some of the best fights in MMA history and is currently giving Don Frye a run for his money in the most famous moustache in MMA department.

So, naturally, we had to invite him JarryPark to talk about his illustrious career inside rings and cages across the world. We also talked about:

* The genesis of the ‘stache

* A day in the life of a ref before a big show

* The art of refing a fight

* His take on the Emerson-Maynard decision

* His views on the way MMA fights are scored

* The Sobral-Heath ugly finish

Definitely interesting to hear a side of the fight game we often never hear about.

Steve Mazzagatti – 01/22/08

7 thoughts on “Steve Mazzagatti Continues To Lay Down The Law”

  1. I would have asked about his reputation for letting fights go to the point of a fighter’s near-death.

  2. Well, I did ask about when he knows he should stop a fight…Seemed like the best way to approach that question. Plus, I don’t think he has ever really been accused of letting a fight drag too late…

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