Guy Mezger Grades HDNet Fights 2

December 18, 2007

I caught up with HDNet Fights President, Guy Mezger, to get his thoughts on the Reckless Abandandon show. As most of you know by now, The Park was live and inside the AAC and fairly enjoyed the show but we needed to get the final review from El Presidente himself.

Some of the topics discussed include:

* What he would like to change for the next show in February

* Mayhem Miller’s unique entrance

* The Robert Villegas flopping incident

* Who he is looking to sign for the next event

* Who is the next big free agent headed to HDNet Fights (in light of all the big stars in attendance)

* The promotion’s PPV plans (he hopes to debut on PPV at the end of ’08)

As always, Mezger was very candid with his answers and we appreciate that. Take a listen below.

Guy Mezger – 12/18/07

(Can’t listen to the interview right now? Download this one and all of our great interviews by clicking on the iTunes or Odeo link at the top right of the page.)

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