Part One Of Press Conference Monday: HDNet Fights Post-Fight PC

As promised a couple of days ago in my HDNet Fights live-blog, below is the audio from the post-fight press conference.

Some of the highlights include:

* Mayhem being Mayhem. He definitely has some great lines but do you ever get the sense that he sometimes tries a little too hard? Nonetheless, his performance here was great. Definitely worth listening to.

* Sam Hoger, of all people, asking a ton of hard-hitting questions.

* Robert Villegas trying to save his career by claiming a broken leg suffered in the middle of his bout made him flop several times en route to getting DQ’d. By the way, I watched the fight last on TV and the man wasn’t limping at ALL during or after the bout.

* Randy Couture talking about his future.

* The Andrew Simon coming out party.

The audio begins with Tim Kennedy’s assessment of the fight.

HDNet Fights Post-Fight Press Conference

Part two of Press Conference Monday comes at you later this afternoon as the IFL presents the “who is the latest opponent scheduled to face Chris Horodecki at the GP Finals.” Stay tuned.

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