Mike Sanders Is Looking For The Last Laugh

December 17, 2007

You remember Mike Sanders, right? Former WCW Commissioner? Leader of The Natural Born Thrillers? Little guy who was great on the mic? Of course you do.

In the dying days of WCW, Sanders was one of the company’s bright spots: A homegrown talent being groomed as the leader of WCW’s new youth movement. Well, we all know how that turned out but it did seem like a novel idea at the time.

While Sanders’ contract was one of the twenty or so that were picked up by World Wrestling Entertainment following their purchase of WCW – he never made a single appearance on WWE programming. A curious decision simply because Sanders possessed the gift of the gab and could have been used as a mouth piece for some of the other WCW stars during the “invasion” (he definitely has an interesting theory as to why he was released).

Following his release from WWE in 2002, he had a brief stint in TNA but never experienced the same kind of success he acheived in WCW. Don’t cry for Sanders, though. He has transitioned nicely into the world of stand-up and corporate comedy. Sheiky – you’ve got company.

If you’re interested in the backstage world of professional wrestling you will want to check out my interview with Sanders (found below). He talks about why he never made it in WWE, the reason he is no longer wrestling for TNA and what it was like working for WCW in 2000. He also discusses his budding comedy career and has some interesting anecdotes on life as a pro wrestler.

Mike Sanders – 12/17/07

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  2. Classic.

    By Matt on Dec 17, 2007

  3. Wow, hadn’t heard about him in years. Interesting stuff. An above-average interview, I’d say.

    By Jason on Dec 21, 2007

  4. Good memory.

    By Ariel Helwani on Dec 21, 2007

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