A TUF Night To Predict

December 7, 2007

Sure, it’s no Hatton-Mayweather but if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative to fill your appetite of combat sports tomorrow night you must check out the The Ultimate Fighter Finale on Spike TV (9 PM ET/PT). Guida vs. Huerta. Danzig vs. Speer. Some other filler matches include the return of Jonathan Goulet (Is it me or does Goulet seem out of place on this card? In any event, he needs a win ASAP so I guess he’ll take what he can get).

Anyhow, trying to predict Guida-Huerta is tough. I just believe that the UFC has too much invested in Roger “The Latin Sensation” Huerta to let him lose. No, the fight won’t be fixed but I have a feeling who Dana & Co. will be rooting for tomorrow night.

Danzig vs. Speer, on the other hand, seems a little more cut and dry. I haven’t seen anyone predict a Tommy Speer victory but, then again, no one even thought he would make it this far.

The official card:

Roger Huerta Vs. Clay Guida
Tommy Speer vs. Mac Danzig
Jared Rollins Vs. John Koppenhaver
Billy Miles vs. George Sotiropoulos
Matt Arroyo vs. John Kolosci
Troy Mandaloniz Vs. Richie Hightower
Ben Saunders vs. Dan Barrera
Roman Mitichyan Vs. Dorian Price
Paul Georgieff Vs. Jonathan Goulet

Below is audio from yesterday’s press conference which involved the likes of Roger Huerta, Clay Guida, Matt Hughes, Mac Danzig, Tommy Speer and Brian Diamond – Senior Vice President of Sports & Specials for Spike TV. Please excuse the semi-poor audio quality. The problem wasn’t on our end.

TUF 6 Finale Press Conference

Stay Tuned for The Park’s TUF predictions coming tomorrow.

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