GSP, We Stand On Guard For Thee

I have a confession to make. Growing up in Montreal, I hated anything to do with Canada. I am not sure why, really. I just did. No, I wasn’t a separtist or anything…I just liked to be different, I guess.

Then the time came to move to the United States (for schooling purposes) and, BAM, my love for the city and country grew ten-fold. My apartment walls were covered with Canadian paraphenila, I would constantly listen to Canadian music (more Kardinal Offishall than Celine Dion, though) and I ate a teaspoon of Canadian maple syrup for good luck every morning. Some people would call my behavior “homesick” while I prefer the term nationalisitc.

Sadly, I am still in exile. It’s been almost seven years since I lived in Canada yet my love for all things Canadian is as strong as ever. Atop that list is arguably the best pound-for-pound MMA fighter, Georges St. Pierre. Excluding hockey players, Canadian sports fans (such as myself) don’t have many athletes to root for so you can imagine why we are so passionate about GSP.

In less than four weeks, the pride of Montreal will be put to the ultimate test when he looks to recapture (sort of) his UFC Welterweight title against Matt Hughes at UFC 79. Of course, he will need to get by current champion, the injured Matt Serra, at some point to fully lay claim to that title but we’ll take what we can get.

I spoke(!) to St. Pierre about his career, his upcoming fight against Hughes and about his good friend Joachim Alcine as he prepares to defend his WBA Light Middleweight title this Friday. Take a listen below.

Georges St. Pierre – 12/04/07

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(photo courtesy of UFC) 

7 thoughts on “GSP, We Stand On Guard For Thee”

  1. GSP for prime minister!

    As suppose to the other guys GSP will do the talking with his hands and anything else he can crack them with.

    GSP or how I like to call him sometimes
    GSP is naturally talented fighter but most of all a genuine human being.

    Good Luck brother

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