Kenny Florian Will Be Finishing Fights In The UFC For A While

I have no problem saying that I absolutely love watching Kenny Florian fight. I think it has something to do with the fact that he doesn’t look like your normal MMA fighter (and that’s a compliment) yet he is so talented. Or maybe its just because he looks like a thinner, more serious version of Ben Stiller.

Whatever it is the man is definitely developing into one of the top stars of the UFC’s Lightweight division. Since losing to Sean Sherk in October 2006, Florian has reeled off three impressive victories in a span of five months. His most recent win came over Din Thomas at Ultimate Fight Night 11 in September.

Following that victory Florian mentioned that he was deservedly packing it in for 2007. However, there’s still still a lot to look forward to for the 31-year-old. As he told us in our interview, he will be making his broadcasting debut for Spike TV at the TUF 6 Finale this Saturday night, he is looking to fight again in February or March (the fact that he will be in the “booth” for the Guida-Huerta fight leads me to believe they will match him up with the winner of that bout) and, the big one, he is about to sign a new six-fight contract with the UFC which will kick in once his current deal runs through (he has two fights left on his old contract).

More great stuff from Florian can be found below as he talks about the Lightweight title situation, his views on steroids in the sport and what it was like to be one of the original members of The Ultimate Fighter on Spike TV.

Kenny Florian – 12/3/07

12 thoughts on “Kenny Florian Will Be Finishing Fights In The UFC For A While”

  1. I really liked this interview. Kenny really shared his thoughts and I am curious to hear his broadcasting debut on the TUF Finale now as well.

  2. Florian doesn’t finish fights:

    1. He tapped against Mishima
    2. He used illegal elbows to the back of Lauzon’s head (see the pics)
    3. Din Thomas tore cartilage in his knee during the fight

    So, eliminate those fights….and to be honest he isn’t finishing anyone.

    He’s a nice guy…a good fighter…and sure he prob could be a great champion…but…until he really finishes someone…stop w/ all that.

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