Brent Albright Is Gunning For Greatness

December 3, 2007

If you’re a fan of World Wrestling Entertainment chances are you’ve already heard of Brent Albright…sort of.

Remember that young guy who made his debut all the way back in ’06 as Chris Benoit’s protege and defeated Booker T in his first match on WWE television much to the shock of, well, everyone? That was Brent Albright – known then as “Gunner Scott.”

I always like it when WWE debuts guys as huge underdogs and have them shock the world in their first appearance on the big stage (see Cena, John). It sets them up for a nice little run at the beginning of their careers. If done right, of course.

That wasn’t the case with Albright. He lasted only four months in WWE and while he has certain theories as to why his time on the main roster was so short you’ll have to listen to our interview to find them out (how’s that for a tease).

Albright has certainly landed on his feet, though. He has been wrestling for Ring of Honor for over a year and has put on some great matches for them and a bunch of other Indy promotions too.

Take a listen as Albright talks about ROH, his time with WWE and his thoughts on the tragedy involving Chris Benoit.

Brent Albright – 12/3/07

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