Where Have You Gone, David Loiseau?

Less than two years ago David “The Crow” Loiseau lost a unanimous decision to then-UFC Middleweight Champion, Rich Franklin. No one would have ever guessed the magnitude of that loss for the Montreal native.

Once heralded as the future of the UFC’s 185-pound division, “the Crow” followed that loss with another to Mike Swick and was promptly released from the UFC. No specific reason was given for his dismissal but the general feeling was that Dana White and Co. were unhappy with his performances in those two losses.

The UFC’s loss appeared to be Elite XC’s gain as Loiseau was quickly signed by the new promotion for their debut show in February 2007. Needless to say, many predicted a return to the win colum for Loiseau in his bout against Joey Villasenor but, again, it was not to be. Despite reports that Loiseau had signed a three-fight deal with Elite, as he announced in our interview below, he is officially done with the promotion.

The 27-year-old Loiseau did get back to his winning ways in May in a solid win via triangle choke against Freddie Espiricueta at Art of War 2 and while surgery derailed his comeback he is now fully healthy and ready to finish what he once started. Loiseau also announced that he will be returning to action in January for the WCO promotion based in San Diego. His opponent is still unknown.

Take a listen below as one proud Montrealer talks to another about his career, where he’ll be fighting next and training with GSP for his bout at UFC 79.

David Loiseau – 11/30/07

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  1. I remember seeing him in Dawson when we were both students….what a physical specimen…Glad to see his is back in the mix, those losses were tough to swallow

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