The Twister Has Landed

November 29, 2007

I’ll admit it – sometimes I like to watch boxing telecasts just to hear this line: “Let’s go to Harold Lederman’s scorecard. ‘OKAY JIM. 59-57 BERNARD “THE EXECUTIONER” HOPKINS. YOU KNOW, JIM, BERNARD’S JAB IS REALLY MOVING TONIGHT…” I just can’t get it enough of it.

So, naturally, I was very excited when the UFC starting using BJJ legend Eddie Bravo in the Harold Lederman role to share his scorecard during UFC title bouts. I thought Bravo’s presence between rounds always gave the event a ‘big fight feel’ and made it seem like we were in fact watching an important title match.

Basically, Joe Rogan is cooler version of Larry Merchant, Bravo was definitely the hipper version of Harold Lederman (no disrespect to Merchant or Lederman but, um, their better days may be behind them).

Sadly, though, Bravo stopped appearing on UFC telecasts and I was left to ponder why? So, I decided to reach out to the Twister to find out where he has been, whether the 10-point must system works in MMA and to talk a little BJJ. The man is certainly a wealth of knowledge.

Eddie Bravo – 11/29/07

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