Booker T Digs His Change Of Scenery

November 27, 2007

The worst kept secret in professional wrestling – six-time Heavyweight champion, Booker T, signing with TNA – proved to be correct last month. Since signing with TNA, Booker has repeatedly said that he was unhappy with the current direction of his former employer World Wrestling Entertainment. In fact, after his departure from WWE he wrote on his website:

“I had been unhappy for quite some time with the direction that the company was going in. In fact, I asked for my release back in July for that very reason. However, after further contemplation, I decided to continue on with WWE because of my passion for this industry and my desire to entertain the fans. Unfortunately, it quickly became apparent that my unhappiness with my work environment was beginning to take a great toll on other aspects of my life.”

However, as we all know, there are two sides to every story. After Booker’s name came up in the infamous Signature Pharmacy investigation he was suspended from WWE. Apparently, Booker took exception to the suspension and asked for his release…or was he fired?

While we will never truly find out if a) Booker actually asked for his release or was fired and b) if he ever purchased anything from Signature we can welcome the fact that one of the top performers of all-time has found a new home in TNA. Booker’s arrival will, at least for the time being, give the promotion some new blood to work with.

Take a listen as Booker discusses his arrival in TNA Wrestling, the Signature Pharmacy story and his reasons for leaving WWE. (Apologies for the audio but the issue isn’t wasn’t on my end.)

Booker T – 11/27/07

  1. 2 Responses to “Booker T Digs His Change Of Scenery”

  2. Sad to hear that he and Stevie Ray aren’t getting along.

    The whole Signature thing is weird. I’ve been a big fan of his for a long time and I’d like to believe him, but it seems unlikely. Why would the investigators name him if it wasn’t true? And I haven’t heard anything about him suing anyone for making false claims.

    By Jason on Nov 30, 2007

  3. Exactly. The whole “scapegoat” argument is quite weak. I thought he would have had a MUCH better alibi.

    By Ariel Helwani on Nov 30, 2007

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