Show Him The Money

l_20377bec710c699ba118714f3d6c1e0b.jpgWhat do Mark Kerr, Renato Sobral, Phil Baroni, David Loiseau, Jake O’Brien and Karo Parisyan have in common? They are all represented by MMA super agent, Ken Pavia (center).

Along with Monte Cox, Pavia is generally regarded as the top MMA agent around. His list of clients is pushing 50 and he has only been working with MMA fighters for approximately three years (he represented MLB and NHL stars for 12 years prior to focusing most of his efforts on MMA).

I had the chance to speak with “The Pav,” as he known on his highly-entertaining MySpace page, about his career, the business side of MMA and what’s in store for some of his top fighters. Pavia also spoke very candidly about Monte Cox’s new role with M-1 Global. A great listen

Ken Pavia – 11/22/07

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