A True Throwback

Ask any professional wrestling fan about Larry Sweeney and their eyes instantly light up. That’s because 26-year-old Sweeney is regarded as one of the true rising stars of the business.

While his work in the ring is solid its his delivery on the microphone and “managerial skills,” for lack of a better word, that has reminded many wrestling fans of some of the greatest performers ever. Some have even labeled him as the second coming of Bobby “the Brain” Heenan. For a wrestler with only three and a half years of experience under his belt those are some pretty big shoes to fill but Sweeney appears ready for the challenge.

He can be found wrestling on many Indy wrestling cards across the country – most notably for Chikara Pro and ICW. However, its his work in Ring of Honor as the leader of “Sweet ‘n’ Sour Inc.” – a stable of wrestlers reminiscent of the classic Heenan Family – that has made him one of the most talked about performers of 2007.

If you have yet to see Sweeney’s work in ROH don’t fret. The promotion offers up their latest pay-per-view offering, Man Up, beginning 11/30. Sweeney’s role on the card will be managing one of his top clients, Chris Hero, in a Four-Corner Survival Match against Nigel McGuinness, Claudio Castagnoli and Naomichi Marufuji. An impressive quartet to say the least.

I had the chance to speak with Sweeney about his young career, the lost art of the promo, his future in Ring of Honor and his one-time appearance on Monday Night Raw. Not surprisingly, he was a great interview.

Larry Sweeney – 11/21/07

5 thoughts on “A True Throwback”

  1. alhambra arena philly 111807 was this an angle or legit with sweeny and mexicali lusome are sayingchador getting hurt stopping the show etc. some are saying castagnoli having no green card was reason for show stoppage????????

  2. Dennis–it was definitely a legit injury on Dorado’s part. The “green card” stuff for Claudio was what some WWE “insiders” told journalists who asked what happened to him going there, and was never true.

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