El Guapo Grades Kimbo’s Elite XC Debut

November 13, 2007

I’m still a little surprised that more people aren’t questioning Bo Cantrell’s performance against Kimbo Slice this weekend.

I hate to ever question a fighter’s heart or ability but, gosh, that certainly looked like a tank job to me. That said, take nothing away from Kimbo. He looked like a beast in the cage and most experts, including myself (although I’m certainly no expert), are starting to take the former street-fighting legend seriously.

The next logical bout appears to be against Tank Abbott. Tank has even entered the Frank Shamrock school of marketing by creating a YouTube video mocking Kimbo (although he desperately needs to up the production value of his clips…that was beyond weak).

I spoke to Kimbo’s trainer, Bas Rutten, about Saturday’s fight, whether he thought Cantrell took a dive, and what is next for Mr. Slice.

Also, El Guapo and I discussed the IFL’s announcement of a new Featherweight Division, the IFL World Grand Prix in general and where he thinks Ben Rothwell will be fighting in ’08 (hint: some guy named Fedor just signed with them).

As always, great to have Rutten back at The Park.

(NOTE: In our interview, I said M-1 holds their fights in a cage when the correct answer is actually a ring. My apologies to Monte Cox, Marc Ecko, Vadim Finklestein and maybe Mark Cuban…still not sure about that one.)

Bas Rutten – 11/13/07

(photo credit: Michael Zamora)

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