Closing The Book On Cotto vs. Mosley

November 12, 2007

33741399.jpgThe dust has settled on this weekend’s Cotto vs. Mosley bout but, still, so many questions are left unanswered (in my mind, at least).

So, we extended an invitation to Jarry Park’s Sweet Scientist, Larz from No Mas Online, to help straighten everything out.

In our interview, Larz and I discuss the fallout from MSG (undercard and main event), what lies ahead for all fighters involved and the Manny Steward-Jermain Taylor divorce. We’re kind of like two old guys sitting in a barber shop after a big fight except neither of us are old and Larz forgot more about the sport of boxing in the last five minutes than I will ever know. And that’s why I love him.

Larz – 11/12/07

  1. 5 Responses to “Closing The Book On Cotto vs. Mosley”

  2. Actually, Franchise, I am kind of old.

    By large on Nov 12, 2007

  3. Don’t be modest…36 is the new 33.

    By Ariel Helwani on Nov 12, 2007

  4. Son I’m 37. Which I believe is the new 39.

    By large on Nov 14, 2007

  5. 37? Wow, who knew. If we ever go toe-to-toe I guess that makes me Cotto and you Mosley

    By Ariel Helwani on Nov 14, 2007

  6. If you have only been watching Cotto for about 5 years, you have to go back a little further to see that Cotto can box and that is not the first time he faught on his heels. I have all of his fights and I know what he is capeable of. Those people who think Cotto is a robot etc.. Are fools. Cotto is for real. Floyd Mayweather Jr against Miguel Cotto has to be made.
    De La Hoya was forbiden by his wife to fight Miguel Cotto.
    PBF is ducking Cotto and has said he is either retired, a promoter and now he is a wrestla’

    By Danny G on Mar 11, 2008

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