Shawn Stasiak Has One More Run Left In Him

November 8, 2007

The last time wrestling fans saw Shawn Stasiak he was banging into walls and talking to himself as the lone citizen of “Planet Stasiak.” Talk about the gimmick from hell. Stasiak, the son of wrestling legend, Stan “the man” Stasiak, always struck me as a wrestler who, for whatever reason, didn’t realize his enormous potential in the ring.

A former collegiate wrestling standout, Stasiak broke into the WWF in the Spring of 1999 and from the start was saddled with one horrible gimmick after another.

While Stasiak would eventually enjoy some measure of success in the now-defunct WCW, WWE’s purchase of the promotion would quickly halt his rise up the wrestling ladder. Sadly, his second run in WWE was less memorable than his first.

With this in mind, I fully expected to come across as a bitter man when interviewing Stasiak. Quite the contrary, really. Stasiak, now a licensed certified chiropractor living in Dallas, appears to be the rare kind of pro wrestler who does not look back on his time in the ring with any kind of resentment.

He is the subject of a new documentary entitled Shawn Stasiak: Determined – a film which, in many ways, has nothing to do with pro wrestling. And that’s a good thing. Truth be told, a lot of wrestlers can learn a ton from this documentary.

I had the opportunity to talk with Stasiak about his wrestling career, his new life outside the ring and whether he has any desire to step back onto the national wrestling scene.

Shawn Stasiak – 11/08/07

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