Respect Has Been Earned: Ring Of Honor Is Here to Stay

November 6, 2007

Bored by the soap opera-like product being churned out by the like of World Wrestling Entertainment and/or TNA Wrestling? Well, you need to check out Ring of Honor pronto. A throwback wrestling promotion if there ever was one, ROH continues to produce the best matches of the year and are manufacturing the same kind of loyal fan base the orginal ECW was known to have.

For the last five years, ROH was a nice little independent wrestling promotion that relied on its DVD sales to stay afloat. However, this past summer things began to change. ROH made its pay-per-view debut and to say the show was widely accepted by the wrestling community would be a major understatement.

Clearly, WWE and TNA have taken notice of ROH since they keep plucking away their talent. What do Samoa Joe, CM Punk, Homicide and Jay Lethal (to name a few) have in common? They all made their initial name in ROH. (Maybe we like ROH so much because they kind of remind us of the Montreal Expos. We know all too well about losing homegrown talent to the big bucks).

Coming off a huge weekend in the Northeast in which the promotion presented Glory By Honor VI, I reached out to ROH owner, Cary Silkin, to discuss how he got involved with ROH, their initial foray into the PPV world and what lies ahead for everyone’s favorite “independent” wrestling promotion.

Cary Silkin – 11/05/07

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