Jared Rollins Doesn’t Want To Eat Breakfast With George Sotiropoulos Anymore

November 1, 2007

Last night’s episode of The Ultimate Fighter was, by far, my favorite of this particular season. Finally, we had two dynamic characters butting heads in the form of Jared Rollins and George Sotiropoulos. Throw in the fact that we got a glimpse of what Matt Hughes is like when he is really pissed off and this was definitely interesting television.

Rollins always struck me as an intriguing cast member and last night, despite his loss, he certainly lived up to the hype. The scene with Rollins and Sotiropoulos eating breakfast just a few hours before their fight was tremendous. Whenever Spike produces a new “Tuffest 25 Countdown” that scene needs to be in the mix. Truth be told, I thought Rollins would put up a better fight but Sotiropoulos, and his coaches, deserve all the credit in the world as he was definitely the agressor throughout the entire fight. Speaking of Sotiropoulos (I should really start employing the copy/paste function more) what was the deal with his teammates calling him out for not waking them up? I hope those guys realize how dumb they looked after the fact. In any evet, Sotiropoulos, along with Mac Danzig (of course), have definitely emerged as the two favorites.

I had a chance to speak with Rollins about his loss to Sotiropoulos, his experience on the show and his thoughts on Matt Hughes saying he didn’t give 100% in his fight.

Jared Rollins – 11/01/07

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