What happened to Rachelle Leah?

Remember Rachelle Leah? We heard a lot from her late last year when she posed for Playboy. Shortly thereafter, her Spike show “UFC: All Access” returned to the channel after a long hiatus prior to UFC 90.

Since then, no sign of “All Access” or Leah. Did the UFC just bring her back to get into Playboy, or did something else happen? These are the issues that keep me up at night.

Anyway, I stumbled upon this Leah interview on E!’s “Chelsea Lately” from October 2008. Never seen this before, nor have I ever seen this particular show, and I must say that I’ve never heard a talk show host talk more than the interviewee. Yikes.

Creepy alert: Edith Labelle eating video

This has got to be some kind of fetish video that I just don’t get. Here’s current UFC Octagon girl Edith Labelle eating on camera. That’s it. Just eating.

To be fair, I fast forwarded through most of the clip because, well, the whole eating thing just wasn’t doing it for me, but I bet some people will get a kick out if it.